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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Leonardo Da Vinci

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"Philosophy, science, art and technology are now under the wings of design..’’

robin’s design


Combining the experience with creativity, Robin’s Design turns the ideas into the reality and provides a unique service for customers through harmonizing science, art and technology. We devise trending projects in the fields of architecture, interior architecture and object design.
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Having graduated from Bilkent University, The Faculty Of Finest Arts, The Department Of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in 1994, Yesim Kozanli began her professional life with an impressive success: The company she established got involved in the design projects of the famous American Companies like Microsoft and Cisco as well as Mexican Embassy Housing Project and the design of some stores and restaurants, projects of hotel buildings, malls, residences, interior architecture and turnkey practices. In her own company named Robin’s Design / Ym Architecture Tourism Industry INC she pursues a very successful career by designing and implementing the projects of hotels, residence, offices and highly attractive product designs.


Our service

Along with designing large-scale spaces like hotels, spas, malls and residences, Robin’s Design takes on the construction or the renewal projects of home offices. The spaces are embellished with our great furniture and objects designs. In every stage of the projects, exchanging ideas with our customers is considered to be important: We regard their demands, specify them accordingly and aim to provide more than expected.


Robin’s Design pays ultimate attention to use eco-friendly materials that does not threaten human life. In a short time, we have performed many successful projects. You may examine them in detail to be closely familiar with us.




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